Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a special direction that allows diagnosing and treating many diseases by various massage techniques. Depending on the situation and the school to which the master belongs, the technique can range from soft and accurate influences to sufficiently hard patches and shakes. In the tradition of Thai massage manual therapy also included knowledge about acupuncture points of the whole body. Masters, deeply influencing relaxed muscles and joints, can correct even the most neglected scoliosis.

In Kharkov manual therapy received general recognition and popularity not so long ago. This is mainly due to the lack of professional masters. Fortunately, today almost everyone can visit a real Thai masseur. At us, in salon “Lilavadi”, to you will help to solve the majority of problems of the locomotor system or will spend effective therapy on treatment of many illnesses of internal organs.

Indications about manual therapy

The state of our spine and the proper location of each vertebra directly depends on the general condition of the body. So, the cause of headaches and even fainting in most cases may be displacement of the vertebrae of the neck or the accumulation of salts there. Pain resonating in the heart area is often the result of problems with the thoracic spine, and lung or other internal organs diseases result from progressive scoliosis.

Manual therapy most effectively and quickly relieves pain, soothes joints and muscles. Even after serious injuries and strains, this procedure will make you feel much better.

Salon “Lilavadi” offers its clients in Kharkov the services of professional manual therapy. Masters from Thailand with great experience and exceptional knowledge of human physiology will help not only to improve your health, but also will give pleasant moments of relaxing and restoring massage.