Massage of acupuncture points

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical teachings about the interdependence of points on the human body and its internal organs. With varying intensity, these zones can achieve complete normalization of the work of the whole organism. Today, massage of acupuncture points is referred to therapeutic procedures. It also helps as an independent remedy against headaches, in the fight against stress, insomnia and stress, and also as an effective additional procedure in the treatment of certain diseases, as an excellent preventive agent.

The history of the acupuncture points massage

The doctrine of acupuncture points arose 5,000 years ago, and remains today one of the main whales of traditional Chinese medicine. From the East, knowledge spread to the West, which greatly influenced modern European medicine. So, thanks to him, acupuncture and hirudotherapy are officially prescribed by doctors means.

Massage of acupuncture points is based on beliefs that a person’s health depends on how well the flow of qi energy is balanced in his body (some give her the name chi). According to the teachings of the ancients, it represents the vital energy inherent in absolutely all living organisms. Its circulation occurs through 12 important energy centers (body meridians) associated with one or another important organ (system of organs) of the human body. The intense impact or gentle pressure of the master (depending on what result you need to achieve) is not only cured, but also perfectly relax and soothe.


What is the use of acupuncture?

In modern medicine research on the effectiveness and distinctive advantages of acupuncture does not stop. According to doctors, it is an excellent therapy both in self-application and in combination with other types of treatment. The main advantage of massage of acupuncture points is almost complete absence of side effects and contraindications. It helps to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, remove slags, effectively combats pain of various types, relaxes and treats from depressions and overstrain. Influence on acupuncture points allows to strengthen the general metabolism, normalize the work of the digestive tract, kidneys, solve problems with the heart and lungs.

It is important that the session of acupuncture is conducted only by professionals. In the salon “Lilavadi” there are specially trained experienced masters who will help you to restore health and enjoy a pleasant massage.