Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is a specially developed complex that includes massage of biologically active points, special techniques for working with energy meridians, deep stretching of joints and muscles, as well as elements of practical yoga. Due to the fact that a certain physical load is passive, Thai yoga massage is often called yoga for the lazy.

The main feature of this procedure is the effect not on a certain local zone, as it happens in the process of the usual massage, but completely on the entire body: beginning from the toes and ending with the top of the head.

Positive results from sessions of Thai massage yoga

The effect of Thai massage yoga will be felt not only physically (muscle blocks are removed, deep relaxation takes place), but also at the spiritual level (internal balance is restored, the nervous system is harmonized). In addition, it activates and stimulates the natural mechanisms of recovery.

Thai massage is an excellent relaxing treatment. It allows you to get rid of muscle tension, spasms and stress. With each session, the degree of your flexibility and freedom of movement increases, posture strengthens, the movement of energy in the body increases. Thai yoga massage is always marked by positive customer reviews, which is not surprising, because in addition to the maximum relaxation of the whole body, the overall health improves, slags and toxins are eliminated, and the metabolism is optimized.

Thai massage yoga technique

The technique of Thai yoga massage is a soft manual therapy that is aimed at stimulating the internal organs, improving lymph flow and purifying the body, restoring the natural internal balance. The masseuse uses kneading-pressing movements, the purpose of which is to work with energy lines (meridians) and acupuncture points.

The complex of this type of massage includes the elements of Hatha Yoga, which allows you to relax as much as possible and make a soft stretching of the joints and tendons. This practice will be especially useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, sportsmen and anyone who worries about the health of their body.

After a hard day’s work, you want to relax. Salon “Lilavadi” offers an optimal alternative, capable of giving inner harmony and replacing active activities – Thai massage. You can read about the work of our masters directly on the site.