Aromatherapy center “Lilawadee”

Aromatherapy is a delightfully pleasant procedure based on the influence of aromatherapy essential oils and their combinations on the human body. During the session, you can get real pleasure. Slow relaxation and calmness of the body thanks to the inhalation of pleasant aromas is a SPA-procedure for true connoisseurs.   The aromatherapy center “Lilawadee” offers[…]

Massage of acupuncture points

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical teachings about the interdependence of points on the human body and its internal organs. With varying intensity, these zones can achieve complete normalization of the work of the whole organism. Today, massage of acupuncture points is referred to therapeutic procedures. It also helps as an independent remedy against[…]

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a special direction that allows diagnosing and treating many diseases by various massage techniques. Depending on the situation and the school to which the master belongs, the technique can range from soft and accurate influences to sufficiently hard patches and shakes. In the tradition of Thai massage manual therapy also included knowledge[…]

Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is a specially developed complex that includes massage of biologically active points, special techniques for working with energy meridians, deep stretching of joints and muscles, as well as elements of practical yoga. Due to the fact that a certain physical load is passive, Thai yoga massage is often called yoga for the[…]