Foot massage

Foot massage

Base price and duration:

  • 40 minutes – 558 UAH;
  • 60 minutes – 658 UAH;


“Foot massage” can be either a separate procedure or an addition to any other Thai massage. In this case, the procedure of foot massage will cost less – UAH 300 for 30 minutes. You can choose any other massage in pair to foot massage, we recommend you pay attention to: “Traditional Thai massage“, “Oil massage“, “Slim massage” and “Phytobarrel“.

  • Plus “Phytobarrel“: 60 minutes more fun for +200 UAH to the base price;


  • Royal” (two masters in 4 hands) – for +60% of the base price (discounts do not apply);


  • “For two” – ordering a massage at once for two is cheaper by 20% (the choice is either given one room or each client a separate);
  • “Subscription” – for every 5 massage sessions is cheaper by 5%; maximum 20% discount for 20 sessions;

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Thai foot massage

Foot massage – foot and leg massage is the “highlight” of Thai massage.

This is perhaps the most pleasant, most relaxing form of massage, which will bring pleasure to everyone and will have a health effect on the entire body.

When people walked barefoot, foot massage was not needed, because the reflex zones of the feet were massaged naturally. But in our time this kind of massage is very relevant.

On the human foot there are more than 72 thousand nerve endings, which are now more often called acupuncture points. By acting on such points, the masseur can eliminate discomfort or pain in the internal organs and even diagnose the disease.

We strongly advise everyone to try foot massage, get great pleasure and the same great benefit for the whole body!

Foot massage and its effectiveness

Reflexotherapy takes its origin from the massage of the foot, on which, as on the map, there are active points responsible for the state of each internal organ of a person.

The foot consists of 26 small bones, 14 of which belong to the phalanx of the fingers. On the arch of the foot there are reflex cells, which are interconnected with the spine. Intensive pressure on them helps relieve pain and discomfort in the back.

Stimulation of the toes has a beneficial effect on the eyes, gums, ears, teeth, nasal sinuses.
Massage between the tendons at the top of the foot greatly improves the circulation of lymph and blood.

About foot massage and its healing effect on the human body, you can write extensive works, but it is better to experience this pleasure once than to read it a hundred times!