Head and collar zone massage

Head and collar zone massage

Base price and duration:

  • 40 minutes – 558 UAH;


“Foot massage” and “Phytobarrel” taken in addition to the basic massage are cheaper.

  • Plus “Foot massage“: 30 minutes more fun for +300 UAH to the base price;
  • Plus “Phytobarrel“: 60 minutes more fun for +200 UAH to the base price;


If you want more pleasure, pay attention to other types of massage, for example, “Traditional Thai massage“, “Oil massage” or “Slim massage“.


  • “For two” – ordering a massage at once for two is cheaper by 20% (the choice is either given one room or each client a separate);

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Thai head and collar massage

As you know, there are a lot of acupuncture points on the head and, if properly applied, they can relieve headache, lower blood pressure, and get rid of dizziness, noise in the ears and even a cold. Also this kind of massage is effective at stresses, insomnia, neurasthenia, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Improvement of well-being is due to the fact that, thanks to massage, the vessels and capillaries expand, i.e. Blood circulation improves. In addition, massage increases muscle tone.

It should be noted that scalp massage is good for hair. Often it is prescribed not only as a means of strengthening hair, but also to combat dandruff.

Features of Thai head massage

At the beginning of the session, the masseuse warms up the skin with light movements, strokes, and pressure. Muscles relax, nervous tension disappears and you go into a state of complete relaxation and peace. And your skin is gradually warming up.

At the next stage, the fingers of the masseuse press strongly on the acupuncture points, slowly moving from one zone to another. These pressures are replaced by circular motions, the purpose of which is to work out the muscles and relieve tension from them.

The last stage, like the first, relaxing, soothing. Pressures are replaced by stroking and light cotton. You are pleased and easy. It seems that all the cares and worries have removed the skilful hands of the masseuse.

After the session, you feel rested, cheerful and energetic. As they say, with a clear head.