Oil/Saby massage

Oil/Saby massage

Base price and duration:

  • 60 minutes – 738 UAH;
  • 90 minutes – 1048 UAH;


“Foot massage” and “Phytobarrel” taken in addition to the basic massage are cheaper.

  • Plus “Foot massage“: 30 minutes more fun for +300 UAH to the base price;
  • Plus “Phytobarrel“: 60 minutes more fun for +200 UAH to the base price;


  • Creole” (bamboo sticks) – for +9% of the base price;
  • Royal” (two masters in 4 hands) – for +60% of the base price (discounts do not apply);


  • “Double pleasure” – the second hour of massage is cheaper by 15%;
  • “For two” – ordering a massage at once for two is cheaper by 20% (the choice is either given one room or each client a separate);
  • “Subscription” – for every 5 massage sessions is cheaper by 5%; maximum 20% discount for 20 sessions;

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Thai massage with oil

If you want to relax, lose fatigue, have fun and cheer up, then from the offered types of massage choose oil massage! It is not as strong in impact as traditional Thai, it focuses on relaxing techniques with aromatic oils. Oil massage originated later than traditional Thai and therefore new techniques have been added to the already known techniques. This kind of massage is an unusually effective combination of muscle massage, manual and aromatherapy.

The flow of the pulses received during massage in combination with aromatherapy is perceived by the skin and muscle receptors and transmits information to the central nervous system, thereby relieving tension and complete relaxation.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of oil massage for the skin. As a result of mechanical friction along the body, dead cells of the epidermis are removed, which causes an improvement in the respiration of the skin and increases the secretion processes of the sebaceous glands. The skin acquires softness and elasticity.

Oil massage is not only a great way to have fun and relax, but also to strengthen health, and to postpone aging.

Features of Thai massage with oil

Unlike traditional, twists and stretches are not used here, emphasis is placed on pressing, on smooth circular motions in biologically active zones and intersecting undulating movements. In the process of such massage, muscles, ligaments and joints are gently but deeply developed, and the essential components of oils made on the medicinal herbs of Thailand penetrate deeply into the skin, clearing the cells of toxins, giving the skin elasticity and toning it. In addition, aromatic oils have a beneficial effect on the limbic system of the brain, which forms our emotions, behavioral responses, is responsible for the olfactory function and participates in the mechanisms of sleep. Therefore, oil massage is the ideal remedy for stress, insomnia, irritability.

Also, when the massage begins to work intensively the muscle layer of the vessels, which is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

We recommend oil massage to anyone who is tired of stress and fuss, from the nervous stress of life in a big city. Without exaggeration, we can say that oil massage is bliss not only for the body, but also for the soul.

How is the Thai massage with oil?

If traditional Thai massage you do in a suit, then oil is performed on a nude body, which is rubbed with healing Thai oils. Usually the procedure begins with a massage of the legs, gradually moving higher and higher. Step by step, the back, hands, stomach, shoulders and head are worked out. The work of the masseur is the continuous sliding of the hands along the body in a closed loop with a clear control of the applied pressure. It is a powerful stimulating, purifying and very pleasant procedure, to enjoy which you will be under the quiet melodic music in a darkened room where everything contributes to relaxation.