Pahop massage

Pahop massage

Base price and duration:

“Pahop” is not used separately from the basic massage, which is a traditional Thai massage.

  • 30 minutes – the price of Thai massage +340 UAH;


“Foot massage” and “Phytobarrel” taken in addition to the basic massage are cheaper.

  • Plus “Foot massage“: 30 minutes more fun for +300 UAH to the base price;
  • Plus “Phytobarrel“: 60 minutes more fun for +200 UAH to the base price;


  • “Double pleasure” – the second hour of massage is cheaper by 15%;
  • “For two” – ordering a massage at once for two is cheaper by 20% (the choice is either given one room or each client a separate);
  • “Subscription” – for every 5 massage sessions is cheaper by 5%; maximum 20% discount for 20 sessions;

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Thai herbal massage (pahop)

This kind of massage is a combination of traditional Thai massage and warming up with warm pouches filled with healing Thai herbs, those areas of the body that are reflexly connected to internal organs, as well as acupuncture points that make up the energy channels (such channels 12, and the main points On the body more than 800). After the power receptions of classical Thai massage (stretch marks, twists, pressure) your body “calms down” under the pleasant warmth of the herbal sacs. Ie the session begins with a tonic traditional Thai massage and ends with a relaxing pahop.

Than useful herbal massage

This kind of massage is especially good as a restorative therapy for the respiratory system. It should be noted that pahop is very effective in the pain of any etiology.

But also it strengthens immunity, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieves stress and muscle fatigue, improves metabolism. After such a combination of tonic and relaxing techniques, you will feel amazingly easy and pleasant.