Royal massage

Royal massage

Base price and duration:

Unique sensations during the “Royal” massage arise because of the simultaneous work of 4 hands at once two masters. At the same time, which is especially pleasant, the price does not double, as one might think, but only 60% of the price of the chosen type of massage is added. Any of the types of massage can be performed in 4 hands, delivering the royal pleasure itself.

  • 60 minutes – from 1048 UAH;


“Royal” Thai massage can be performed with the same theme as the usual Thai massage (foot massage, pahop, phyto bar).


“Royal” massage is already created to give you maximum pleasure. Make it better, you can only prolong the session.


  • “Double pleasure” – the second hour of massage is cheaper by 15%;

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Royal Thai massage in 4 hands

Royal Thai traditional massage (or oil massage) is a massage in 4 hands, performed simultaneously by two masseuses. With this type of massage, the master conditionally divides the client’s body either horizontally or vertically. One master carefully works out the active points of one part of the body, the other works with the second part. One hour of royal massage actually replaces two hours of usual. Synchronous movements of the hands of two masseuses, a parallel effect on all energy lines of the body gives maximum relaxation and unusual pleasure. Massage in 4 hands is more intense and energetically more saturated than traditional. Royal massage is a great opportunity to relax and plunge into the magical atmosphere of the East to the melodious sounds of music and the fragrance of incense. It’s hard to come up with the best gift for loved ones or friends than a royal massage session.

Features of the technique of royal massage

This kind of massage gives us the most amazing, most unforgettable sensations. And the secret lies in the physiology of the human body. Our brain is arranged so that when one master works with our body, we involuntarily follow his hands, as if analyzing his work and his sensations. When two masters work, the brain can not concentrate attention at once on two areas of the body, the brain gets tired and after 10-15 minutes the person completely relaxes. You no longer follow the work of the masseuses, you just enjoy.