Slim massage

Slim massage

Base price and duration:

  • 60 minutes – 778 UAH;


“Foot massage” and “Phytobarrel” taken in addition to the basic massage are cheaper.

  • Plus “Foot massage“: 30 minutes more fun for +300 UAH to the base price;
  • Plus “Phytobarrel“: 60 minutes more fun for +200 UAH to the base price;


  • Creole” (bamboo sticks) – for +9% of the base price;
  • Royal” (two masters in 4 hands) – for +60% of the base price (discounts do not apply);


  • “Double pleasure” – the second hour of massage is cheaper by 15%;
  • “For two” – ordering a massage at once for two is cheaper by 20% (the choice is either given one room or each client a separate);
  • “Subscription” – for every 5 massage sessions is cheaper by 5%; maximum 20% discount for 20 sessions;

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Thai slim massage

The purpose of this type of massage is to correct the figure and eliminate cellulite. The secret to the effectiveness of Thai slimming massage is a special technique and a special cream that is intensively rubbed during the session into areas with excessive subcutaneous fat. And although with each problem zone of the body the massage therapist works intensively, but strong painful sensations will not be!

After the first session you will feel the result. You can even stand on the scales and make sure that you did not waste time! But in addition to reducing weight, Slim massage will help to cope with cellulite, improve blood circulation and make your figure fit and elastic!

Features of the technique of slimming massage

The technique of performing slim massage is radically different from other types of Thai massage. Here do not apply stretch marks, pressure, etc., here the main movement of the masseur is cotton. And thus, by slamming, a special anti-cellulite oil is injected into your body, made from Thai healing herbs. When a local effect is massaged a specific problem area of ​​the body (abdomen, buttocks, thighs), with a general effect on the entire body. After the massage, at the request of the client, the problem areas of the body wrap around the film, under which the action of the cream continues and even intensifies from heating. It should be noted that unlike chemical agents for weight reduction (tablets), slim massage burns fat naturally due to intensive load during massage and the skin does not lose its elasticity, there is no slackness and flabbiness. In addition, when slimming massage strengthens the walls of the vessels, reduces swelling, removes toxins and toxins from the skin.

Thai slimming massage is recommended to be done twice a week. The number of sessions depends on the characteristics of the organism and on the tasks assigned. But on average 7-10 sessions are enough to achieve excellent results.

It is very effective to combine this type of massage with phyto-tea. Heated, soaked in pairs of medicinal herbs body more sensitive, responsive to massage.