SPA Phytobarrel

SPA Phytobarrel

Base price and duration:

  • 60 minutes – 240 UAH;


“Fitobarrel” can be supplemented with any massage of your choice. In this case, the procedure of phytobarrels itself will cost less. You can choose any other massage in a pair to a phytobarrel, we recommend you pay attention to: “Traditional Thai massage“, “Oil massage“, “Slim massage” and “Foot massage“.


Improve the effect of phytobarrels can only be supplemented with some kind of massage. Choose the one that suits you.


  • “For two” – ordering a massage at once for two is cheaper by 20%;
  • “Subscription” – for every 5 massage sessions is cheaper by 5%; maximum 20% discount for 20 sessions;

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A phyto barrel with 40 herbs relaxes, warms up and starts the metabolic processes with the cleaning of the vessels of the whole body.

Fibococcus is a mini-bath in which, instead of the usual steam, your body is exposed to the evaporation of medicinal herbs, which is fed into the barrel from a special tank. Phyto vapor has a beneficial effect not only on the skin, opening pores and cleaning them, but also on the whole organism, increasing the activity of all excretory systems (neuroendocrine, psycho vegetative, digestive, urinary), promoting the development of protective and restorative mechanisms.

Fitococcus is an excellent remedy for overweight and you can easily see it by visiting our center.

Fibococcus is a simple and affordable way to beauty and health.

Classic Thai Traditional Thai Massage

Classic SPA Thai traditional massage is a massage with a phyto bar, performed before the phyto or later.

With this type of massage, the effect is greatly amplified. A phyto barrel with 40 herbs relaxes, warms up and initiates metabolic processes with the purification of the vessels of the whole body and the removal of toxins. One hour of massage SPA actually replaces two hours of usual. Spa effect on all energy lines of the body gives maximum relaxation and unusual pleasure.

SPA massage is more intense and energetically more saturated than traditional massage.

Massage SPA is a great opportunity to relax and plunge into the magical atmosphere of the East to the melodious sounds of music and the fragrance of incense.

The history of the creation of a therapeutic phyto-bacterium – the ideal means of cleaning vessels

It is difficult to say where the phyto barrel was invented. Mini-baths made of cedar with a couple of medicinal herbs were popular with the ancient Slavs, and bathing in barrels with herbal infusions was used in Tibetan monasteries and among the peoples of Siberia.

But the phyto-bar in its modern form was invented in Khakassia in 1970 by the famous herbalist V.P. Subtrebkov. And has gained wide popularity in various regions of Siberia.
Now phyto-beans are used in different countries of the world and in different fields: in medical institutions, in cosmetology offices, in sanatoriums, in elite hotels and even at home.

How is the treatment procedure?

A man sits down on a bench in a phyto barrel. His body is inside, and his head is outside, on the barrel over his head a soft naidka is densely dressed, so that steam does not come out. From the Russian bath the procedure is different in that the head is not exposed to steam, i.e. The phyto-bacterium can not provoke an increase in blood pressure, overheating of the brain, etc.

In the barrel, steam is supplied, the temperature of which does not exceed 45 degrees (it is this temperature that is considered to be the most effective for optimal blood purification, intensive metabolism). During the procedure, warming up and intense sweating of the body take place and then slags and harmful toxins are removed from the pores. The procedure lasts 15 minutes, after which the client is wrapped in a sheet, wrapped in a film and placed on a couch in a sleeping bag for 20-30 minutes, thus continuing the process of intense sweating, which helps not only to cleanse the body, but also to lose excess pounds. After the end of the procedure, we will offer you a fragrant herbal tea.

Any of the types of Thai massage offered in our center is especially effective after the phyto bar procedure, when the body is steamed and cleaned.

It’s hard to come up with the best gift for loved ones or friends than a Thai massage massage.

Features of Thai Massage Therapy

This kind of massage gives us the most amazing, most unforgettable sensations. And the secret lies in the physiology of the human body. Our brain is arranged so that when our body relaxes it increases the force of impact and its sensations. You no longer follow the time, you just enjoy!