Oil/Saby massage

Cosmetic, anti-cellulite, health-improving effect with the use of oil on Thai herbs.
60 minutes
798 UAH

Slim massage

Using natural cream of Thai production for weight loss, smoothing wrinkles, tightening and rejuvenating the skin.
90 minutes
1128 UAH

Foot massage

Acupressure of feet and feet - a therapeutic effect on human organs.
40 minutes
608 UAH

Pahop massage

It is carried out by applying the steamed Thai plants to biologically active points, which normalizes blood circulation and metabolism, relieves stress and increases the body's immunity.
30 minutes
390 UAH

SPA Phytobarrel

A phyto barrel with 40 herbs relaxes, warms up and starts the metabolic processes with the cleaning of the vessels of the whole body.
60 minutes
300 UAH

Head and collar zone massage

It helps to relieve headache, lower blood pressure, and get rid of dizziness, noise in the ears and even a cold.
40 minutes
608 UAH

Creole massage

This massage is carried out with bamboo sticks using Thai oils from medicinal herbs.
60 minutes
748 UAH

Royal massage

Massage in 4 hands, performed simultaneously by two masseuses.
60 minutes
1138 UAH

Children's massage

Traditional Thai massage is recommended to children from 10 years old, and oil massage can be done to a child from the age of 4.
60 minutes
678 UAH